The northern New Jersey bar where six patrons were wounded when multiple shooters opened fire during a comedy show last week has been temporarily shut down.
A \"mannequin challenge\" video of people staging a shootout has led to the arrests of two men in Alabama and the seizure of several guns and marijuana.
It was a reunion John D. Anderson hoped to achieve 75 years ago, risking fire and death as he frantically searched for his twin brother while under attack on the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor.
The U.S. Marine Corps says one of its pilots has ejected from an F/A-18 jet in southern Japan, and search and rescue efforts are underway.
On Dec. 7, 1941, Japanese bombs rained down on Pearl Harbor beginning just after 6 a.m.
The Latest on the death penalty trial of Dylann Roof charged with killing nine people during a Bible study in a Charleston church (all times local): 9:40 a.m.
A social studies textbook that says some slaves in Connecticut were cared for like family members is being pulled from fourth-grade classrooms in Norwalk.
A Massachusetts man falsely portrayed by a newspaper as a suspect in the Boston Marathon will stand trial on a sex assault charge.
A central Pennsylvania university student already accused of trying to abort his girlfriend\'s pregnancy by putting bleach in her water has now been charged with trying to kill her in the process.
Members of the Sigma Pi fraternity at Hofstra University took hazing to new heights last year — with never-before-seen pictures depicting a slew of stomach-churning rituals, including vomiting on one another and being covered from head-to-toe in hot sauce.

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