A prosecutor in Pensacola, Florida, says he anticipates a 15-year-old boy will be charged as an adult for fatally stabbing his older brother with a butcher knife.
\'It separates the really good guys from the average guys.\'
A rare \"black moon\" rises Friday night over the Western Hemisphere, but don\'t expect to see it.
Sometimes -- no, oftentimes -- two heads are better than one.
Authorities expect to release more information next week after finding the body of a North Carolina teenager last seen in 2011.
A death investigator says a prominent Atlanta businesswoman died from a gunshot wound to the back as she rode in a car near Piedmont Park.
The celebrity investors have a firm grip on how to seal the deal. Never be limp, awkward or, the worst, sweaty, and be sure to make this one key connection.
The widow of a slain Georgia police officer hopes to learn more about why his body armor didn\'t save him.
Authorities are looking for two men they say carjacked a woman at gunpoint while she was waiting in an Atlanta area McDonald\'s drive-thru.
Everybody knows what they will do with the money when they get it but not everybody understands what the money will do to their lives if they don\'t have solid values.

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